Never has the field of mental healthcare faced such challenges. The demand for services has never been higher AND it is expected to grow even further. 

Yes, those who most need us are often the most difficult to serve and the most resistant to seeking help. They may be wary of treatment or unable or unwilling to participate in verbally-mediated therapies.


They may have so many problems including difficulties with sleep, mood, anxiety, pain, focus, emotional regulation, impulse control and substance use, that it is nearly impossible to create a workable treatment plan. 

They may already be heavily treated or only marginally responsive to medications or simply unwilling to take a medication. And with counseling, they may have high rates of “No Shows” and “Late Cancellations” for a variety of reasons. 

To all these challenges, we propose a solution backed by ACTUAL RESULTS from REAL-WORLD agencies working with THEIR CIENTS and THEIR STAFF. And demonstrate that it is even financially advantageous to the agency and their funding sources. 

WHAT IF mental health care outcomes could be improved, more rapidly and less expensively, even with the most difficult-to-serve populations?

 - See our "Actual Results" and “Our Agencies' Clients”

WHAT IF therapists could be trained online in a matter of weeks and later report that working with even the most difficult clients was now easier and more rewarding while still being able to call upon all their existing treatment skills?

See “What Therapists Say”

WHAT IF we could both improve outcomes AND dramatically lower health care costs throughout the medical care system?

 – See "Cost / Benefits".

WHAT IF this was done, not with some unsubstantiated Internet miracle claim, rather with a scientifically validated treatment.   

See “What is ILF Neurofeedback” and “Blog” comments.

WHAT IF this was done with a scalable modality, that lowers the risk of therapist burn-out and makes all of their other treatment tools more effective?

 – See ”Efforts to Date

WHAT IF this treatment can be implemented in almost any setting relatively quickly and inexpensively. On-line training is effective and staff-efficient – See “Current Sites”.

WHAT IF we could test these claims in YOUR agency or healthcare setting with YOUR STAFF and YOUR CLIENTS - See "Join Us"

ONE LAST THING: The Neurofeedback Advocacy Project is not selling anything. We seek no profit or commission. As our names implies, we are simply an advocacy project.