Partnering with the NAP

Our mission is to make neurofeedback accessible to those who need it by building capacity within our existing healthcare system, with a focus on agencies working with the underserved and those most vulnerable. 

To advance our mission, we offer training and ongoing monitoring/evaluation of processes and outcomes to eligible agencies. To be eligible, an agency/practice must serve either an underserved or difficult-to-serve population or have at least 80% of clients who are low-income/Medicaid-eligible.

How can your organization partner with us?

Co-Host a Webinar

Join us in hosting a webinar on neurofeedback. Invite your network to attend an informational session that includes testimonials from clinicians and/or clients.

Interested in learning more?

Check out the presentation we delivered for New York child welfare agencies in May 2022.

Online Meeting
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Share Upcoming Trainings

We offer generously subsidized training and implementation/evaluation support to individual agencies that serve the underserved. The cost for private practices who use a fee-for-service model is $3,000 for the initial training alone.  


Through June of 2022 we offer a year of training and support for $1500/registrant. 

Learn more and share upcoming training information with your network.

Create Content

We are happy to write a guest post for your organization's blog. We also welcome posts from your organization on topics related to neurofeedback, mental health, trauma and more.

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