Coming Out of Covid Times: An Update on the Neurofeedback Advocacy Project

While Covid has slowed everyone in mental healthcare, it has not slowed the Neurofeedback Advocacy Project (NAP). has, since its founding in 2018, continued to expand and improve its offering. We have added participating agencies beyond Oregon to include California, Utah, and Louisiana and have several more in the pipeline. Our website has a clinical results tab that is updated daily, documenting the efficacy of this modality with high ACE score Medicaid-eligible clients There is also a cost benefit tab showing the favorable financial impact to agencies of bringing ILF neurofeedback into their program, due largely to the significant reduction in “no-shows” and premature terminations. Up-front costs for equipment, software, and training have been dramatically reduced. Our introductory training consists of a five-day on-line course, causing minimal disruption to routine scheduling. The NAP Results Tracking System continues to be offered to participating agencies for free.

We are now an Oregon public a 501 c3non-profit corporation As before, we do not sell equipment, software or training services; instead we facilitate agency access to these resources in a program to meet the needs of agencies more than private practitioners.

The NAP is now launching an expansion program which will bring an additional 25 agencies into the program. We have a series of regularly scheduled zoom webinars to present a quick overview of neurofeedback, the supporting evidence, why agencies should be adding neurofeedback to their current services and the steps to successful implementation.

We have also started an outreach to those already in the field to give us the names of agency clinicians, supervisors and administrators who we might contact to see if they might be interested in joining our project. These contacts are our most vehicle for getting more agencies to introduce neurofeedback. So if you are reading this and know some folks who should know about this project, please give us that contact information.

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