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Neurofeedback: A Powerful Tool for Clinician Recruitment & Retention
3:00-4:00 PM EST

Recruiting and retaining talented clinicians is a particular challenge for agencies and other nonprofits who primarily serve Medicaid-eligible, low-income, underserved and hard-to-serve populations. COVID-19 has only contributed to staff burnout, disengagement and attrition, as many clinicians cross into the private sector.


But there is hope for recruiting, engaging and retaining your clinical staff!

Tune in to this free one-hour webinar and hear a first-hand account of how offering neurofeedback services has dramatically impacted staffing in public sector and nonprofit agencies. Clinicians are more satisfied with their work, have more energy and see measurable improvements in even their most challenging clients.

Quality neurofeedback systems have often been too costly for public sector and nonprofit agencies. You'll also get tips from agencies who have made neurofeedback fit within their own tight budgets. 

If you are unable to attend the live event, the recorded webinar will be provided after the webinar. 

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Matthew Fleischman, PhD

Co-Director, The Neurofeedback Advocacy Project

Matt Fleischman is a Licensed Psychologist in Eugene , Oregon. He was Principal Investigator on an NIMH grant on the implementation of behavioral family treatment programs in several protective services units in Oregon that achieved an 80% reduction in out-of-home placements.


In 1989 he was introduced to neurofeedback by Dr. Gene Peniston, a pioneer in the field. Matt has taught in the US and abroad on the integration of neurofeedback and behavior therapy.


Over the course of his career he has worked with many modalities of neurofeedback including qEEG-based protocols, LENS, pirHEG, SMR/beta range training and Infra Low Frequency neurofeedback . 


Henry M. Kaiser, PsyD, MBA

Co-Director, The Neurofeedback Advocacy Project

Henry Kaiser served as a Trustee of the Kaiser Family Foundation for 20 years and as a Director of Kaiser Foundation Hospitals & Health Plan for 30 years. Throughout his career at Kaiser Industries, in Venture Capital activities, and as an entrepreneur, an interest in innovation has been the common theme of his work. He currently serves as a Strategic Advisor to several other projects and companies.


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About Us

The Neurofeedback Advocacy Project


To implement Neurofeedback within Our Existing Healthcare System, with Particular Concern for Agencies Working with the Underserved.

The Neurofeedback Advocacy Project is a 501 c3 non-profit. It is a voluntary undertaking of Dr. Fleischman and Dr. Kaiser. Neither Dr. Fleischman or Dr. Kaiser have any financial ties to or investments in EEG Info, Inc. or any other neurofeedback-related business.