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Cygnet ILF System

We use the Cygnet Neurofeedback System developed by Siegfried and Susan Othmer, recognized pioneers with over 40 years of experience in the field.

  • Cygnet is easy to use and is designed for mental health clinicians, not neuroscientists.

  • We have demonstrated that agency clinicians with a background in mental healthcare can learn to use the system and software after 5 days of training. 

  • Cygnet uses YouTube, Netflix, movie DVDs and video games as the source for the feedback, thereby easily engaging clients of any age. . 

  • All equipment and software is FDA approved as a class II medical device. It is portable and very durable. 

  • In Europe, the Cygnet system has been certified for use by psychiatrists, occupation therapists, psychologists and other mental health providers. 

  • Cygnet system focuses on infra low frequencies (ILF). This particular focus has been especially helpful with clients often described as difficult-to-treat. Yet is is also effective with many clients and conditions that are addressed with non-ILF neurofeedback.

  • ILF Neurofeedback can be conducted with adherence to all Covid-19 safety protocols. 

  • Note: The Neurofeedback Advocacy Project, the sponsors of this program, is an advocacy project. Our mission is to implement neurofeedback within our existing healthcare system with particular concern for agencies working with the underserved.  We are not selling anything nor do we receive any commissions or other compensation. 

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