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 Get Involved with the Neurofeedback Advocacy Project (NAP) by
Becoming a Member!

Our mission is to make neurofeedback accessible to those who need it by building capacity within our existing healthcare system, with a focus on agencies working with the underserved and those most vulnerable. 

To advance our mission, we offer training and ongoing monitoring/evaluation of processes and outcomes to eligible agencies. To be eligible, an agency/practice must serve either an underserved or difficult-to-serve population or have at least 80% of clients who are low-income/Medicaid-eligible.

View the client populations that are typically eligible. Other populations can be considered as underserved or vulnerable, so contact us if you have questions about eligibility. 

What Does Membership Include?

Members-Only Full Access Equipment

As part of our enrollment program, members of the NAP get full access to the complete Cygnet Neurofeedback System with no long-term commitment through our partner BEE Medic.

It includes:

  • Software

  • All feedback games

  • "Gaming" level laptop computer

  • NeuroAmp II

  • QIK test device 

  • HDMI cord

  • Tactile feedback device

  • 1 (2-ch) set of electrodes

  • Initial supply of EEG paste and gel

  • Online technical support

  • Loaner replacements should the equipment need repair

  • Not included: monitor or TV

Agencies may arrange purchase of equipment directly with BEE Medic at any time.


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New Members & Programs

If you are considering starting a new neurofeedback program, or if you have a neurofeedback program and are considering joining the NAP, please contact us for pricing for membership pricing.

Existing Members (Year 2 & Beyond)

If you have been a member of the NAP for one full year, you become eligible for discounted pricing. The cost of membership in year 2 and beyond is $100 per person, per month, with a maximum of $400 per month for unlimited representatives.


The cost to send a new or replacement clinician to the Introduction Training is $1,500 per person.


All advanced trainings and webinars, clinical case consultations, supervisor discussions, and licenses to the RTS are included in the membership fee at no additional cost.

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