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Impact on Major Mental Health Treatment Costs

Major mental health and behavioral disorders are a significant cost to both the individuals involved and our society. One estimate is that "high utilizers" cost $71,500 per year versus $9,500 for "non-high utilizers." High utilizers typically have mixed mental health and substance abuse problems. While programs exist to help these individuals, too often, clients in these programs terminate treatment prematurely. Anecdotal reports and published data suggest that treatment programs that include neurofeedback do much better at retaining clients. The Results Tracking System (RTS) tracks termination status, including premature terminations, and these figures can be compared to what programs know about their current premature termination rates. Those figures and knowing the cost of treatment failure allow us to estimate the value of including neurofeedback in a client's treatment.

DIRECTIONS: Enter your own known or estimated numbers and this table will calculate the annual financial impact of including neurofeedback as part of treatment.

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