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NYC Project Agreement Form & Membership Application

Clinician & Supervisor Teams
Implementation is built around "teams" of a minimum of 3 clinicians and a supervisor. A supervisor needs to be trained in our method of neurofeedback. They may or may not do much neurofeedback after the training depending on their other responsibilities.

The agency must have a supervisor willing and able to supervise the clinicians. The agency or the supervisor must hold all necessary licenses. If the supervisor has not been previously trained in our method of Neurofeedback, they must participate in the training.

Your agency assumes ultimate responsibility for all clinical decisions, for compliance with all regulatory matters regarding billing for services and for obtaining Informed Consents for treatment and data collection.

Your agency should have at least 3 clinicians who are willing to participate in providing neurofeedback services. Each clinician should be able to devote approximately half-time to using neurofeedback with their clients.

The supervisor and clinicians all must attend neurofeedback training. Training is 36 hours. It is conducted online over a 1-2 week period and involves presentations and giving and receiving neurofeedback. Participants in the training need to be freed of other duties during the training.


What Grant Funding Includes

  • Initial 36-hour training in neurofeedback (2-week online class)

  • Advanced training classes: typically 1-day (online)

  • Use of the Results Tracking System (RTS)

  • Bi-weekly case discussions (online)

  • QIK test device and access to QIK Cognitive Tests

  • Access to affordable equipment (see below)


Included: Access to Affordable Equipment

Members of the NAP can access the complete Cygnet Neurofeedback System for $400/month/system with no long-term commitment through a leasing program with our partner BEE Medic. You will receive a check for $4,800 to cover this cost for one year.

Each system includes: 

  • Software

  • All feedback games

  • "Gaming" level laptop computer

  • NeuroAmp II

  • HDMI cord

  • Tactile feedback device

  • 1 (2-ch) set of electrodes

  • Initial supply of EEG paste and gel

  • Online technical support

  • Loaner replacements should the equipment need repair

  • Not included: monitor or TV

Agencies may arrange purchase of equipment directly with Bee Medic at any time


What Is NOT Included in the Grant Funding

  • $600 refundable deposit for each neurofeedback equipment system leased through BEE Medic 

  • $500 registration fee per person to train replacement clinicians due to staff turnover

Year 2+ Costs: After the Grant Award Period Ends

  • You will have the choice to return your neurofeedback equipment, to purchase it at a discounted rate or to continue leasing it at $400/system per month.

  • Ongoing membership and support services through the NAP is $100/person per month. 

  • Training additional staff will cost $1,700 per person ($500 for the training and $100/month for the first year of membership).

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