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NYC Neurofeedback Project by the Neurofeedback Advocacy Project

Generously supported by the Pritzker Foster Care Initiative



About the Project

View a one-page overview of the NYC Project, what is covered by the grant to your organization, and what to expect as a participant. Or, view slides from our recent presentation.


Submit a Letter of Interest

Tell us why you want to offer neurofeedback services to your clients, who your clients are, and a little about your organization.



Training Registration

Register your staff for training at least 3 weeks in advance. Registration fees will be waived for those agencies who have completed the Agreement Form/Membership Application.


Equipment Lease Agreement Form

You will receive funds from the NAP to lease a complete neurofeedback equipment system, including a laptop, for one year. You will need to coordinate with our partner, BEE Medic, directly to sign the lease agreement and arrange payment. You will be given contact information for BEE Medic via email. Please note: there is a $600 refundable deposit for each system that is not covered through the grant.

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Mid-Year and End-of-Year Reporting (DRAFT)

Please complete a short report on your experiences with neurofeedback at 6 months and 12 months into your membership. You can preview the draft of the form below.

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