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Quality of Life

Note: These measures were added on 09/01/2020 so only clients who started treatment after that date will have results. As more clients enter treatment, the sample size will grow. 

These Are Actual Results For Every Session,

Updated Daily From Participating Agencies

Coping with Stress

At BL and again after 20, 40 sessions clients, or in the case of children, their parents, were given a list of the 10 psychosocial stressors from the DSM V and asked to count how many they were experiencing. They were then asked how well they were coping on a 1 to 5 scale. 

Taking Medication for Emotions or Pain 

Clients reported if they were taking medication for either emotions or pain at baseline. This chart shows whether those same clients reports they were no longer taking medication or whether medications had decreased, remained same or increased after 20 sessions. 

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