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Reports of Side Effects,

No Shows / Late Cancellations,

and Premature Terminations

Note: These measures were added on 09/01/2020 so only clients who started treatment after that date will have results. As more clients enter treatment, the sample size will grow. 

These Are Actual Results For Every Session,

Updated Daily From Participating Agencies

Side Effects 

Each client was asked after 20 and 40 sessions whether they had experienced any side effects and if so, whether they had gotten worse, stayed the same or resolved. The graph represents the percentage who reported "yes" for each possible reply.

No Show and Late Cancellation Rates 

Each therapist was recorded No Shows and Late Cancellations. 

Premature Termination Rates

Each therapist recorded the treatment status of every client. This % is for clients who dropped out of treatment because they didn't want to do it anymore. It excludes clients who left for reasons that were not treatment related such as moving or getting a job that prevented them from continuing. 

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