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Cognitive Functioning

These Are Actual Results For Every Session,

Updated Daily From Participating Agencies

Qik CPT is a computerized visual continuous performance test developed for assessing attention and impulse control. A simple visual target or non-target is presented once every two seconds. During the 21-minute test, the subject must press a button to respond to each target and not press for each non-target. The instructions are to be “fast and accurate”. The test may best be described as “the world’s most boring video game.” 


The challenge is to remain focused for that long without making mistakes, pressing when they shouldn’t, forgetting to press when they should or being too slow to respond. Two different measures are reported below. For each measure, a normal score = 100 with a standard deviation = 15. 

The QIK Performance Index reflects speed and consistency of response. It should be sensitive to clients who report they feel mental slowed, they wander off task or feel mentally foggy.

The QIK Accuracy Index reflects sustained attention and impulse control. It should be sensitive to clients who report they are easily distracted or impulsive.

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